Update Your Yard This Spring

your yard

We are pretty sure the snow is gone!? Maybe. It has snowed in May long before….

Getting your outdoor spaces looking the best it can, does not take as much time or as much money as you might think. We’ve We have some relatively easy and affordable things you can do to get your yard looking beautiful for spring.


1. Clean-Up – Make Your Yard Neat

Make a plan to clean up your yard and outside area as a whole. Figure out what you need for clean-up. Is it a pressure washer? Weedkiller? Tools. Whatever you need to make your space looking great, make a plan and make sure you have everything you need before you start.

You are going to be surprised at how much better your garden will look after this clean-up. It can give you a fresh perspective on what to do next with space next.

2. Paint & Or Stain

Paint is an inexpensive way to make things look new again. The harsh Saskatchewan winters can do a number on your fence, deck, and trim. Painting the fence. Staining the deck. Or updating the trim can breathe a fresh and clean look to your place. Also, the more you stay on top of these items throughout the years, the less work it will be. Remember, preventative care is always better than maintenance when it comes to your home.


3. Create Flow & A Centre Piece To Your Yard

You will want to create a focal point in your yard or in your garden. There has to be something that draws peoples attention to make it feel like it all comes together. It can be anything from a large or fruit tree, a beautiful pot or a water feature, or a statue or rock with your family name. This is a great way to bring the yeard together. Create cohesion and add a feel of “newness” to your yard.

Lights are also a great way to add new and a fun way to transform your yard.

As always, if you need help with anything home-related, please call Gregg or Ryan.

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