Transforming Your Laundry Room

Laundry – It’s got to get done!

We have practical storage solutions and decorating tips to make your laundry room the most serene and organized space in your home. We’ve got you covered even if you’re working within small spaces. Hopefully we can help make “laundry day” all that more enjoyable!


1) More Room To Hang Clothes

Fill any unused wall space (this includes space above the washing and drying machine) with simple tension rods for air-drying. Or these bars can hold freshly laundered items before they go into the closet – after you iron them. Buy baskets or hampers with wheels to make it easier to move clothes to and from the washer and dryer and around the house as needed.




2) Wall Mounted Drying Racks

While we are on the topics of having more room to dry clothes – if you are crumpled for space look at investing in a great wall mounted drying rack. These save major space in small rooms and can be used in super small spaces like a laundry closet.


Walmart has some great options that are also inexpensive.




3) Transform Your Closet Into A Blissful Laundry Space

You live in a small space and do not have a laundry room? Convert your laundry closet in a small “room” by adding shelves and rods. Use the backs of the doors to hang supplies on. Looking to brighten the mood in this room a little more? Add wallpaper in a bold pattern that will make you happy every time you open the doors!


This is a great transformation.




4) Add Labels To Everything

Nothing, and we mean nothing, looks neater than perfectly labeled baskets and bins. Try chalkboard labels so you can easily rewrite when needed. Labels help you put everything back in place after use – which will keep your space organized and less cluttered. However, this simple trick also helps your family members put back items they may have removed.

You can use something like this from etsy:




5) Divided Laundry Hampers

If you have a large family and a lot of color in your life pre-sorting your loads into whites, lights, and darks could take more time than you want to invest in laundry. Buying a divided hamper that is even equipped with wheels is perfect for picking up dirty clothes in and around the house.

For example this Oceanstar X-Frame Bamboo 3-Bag Laundry Sorter from Bed Bath and Beyond has three compartments that can easily be labeled, white, darks and colors.



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