The Spring Clean Up

spring clean up

What does spring clean-up mean to you?

Does it mean cleaning out the garage? Dusting off a few areas of the house? Or a major overhaul of cleaning everything?

Lighting up and refreshing your home with a spring-cleaning right now can feel really good. If you’re ready for a deep clean, we have some areas of the home that might have been neglected, that you might want to add to your list of “to do”.


spring clean up

1. Wall Damage and Dings

You probably do a general wipe down of your walls with a cloth or a Mr. Clean Magic eraser when your walls have the day-to-day grime and gunk. We do that too. But, in the spring, it might be great to fill any dings in the wall and touch up with paint. These yearly touch-ups with paint can keep your house looking fresh.


2. Underneath: Carpets, Rugs, Beds, Bookcases…

This is a deep clean and it requires some elbow grease.

Get ready to move the furniture aside. Roll up the rugs and rug pad, and vacuum underneath. After vacuuming, you may either want to use some wood polish and shine those floors or a carpet cleaner. It sounds like a lot of work (it is), but when you see what’s under there, you might want to do it more frequently.

Cleaning under the fridge and stove is also something you might want to do more regularly?


3. Cleaning Your Furniture

If you have leather – this will be a two, maybe three, step process.

Step one: Get a good leather cleaner and clean your furniture. Top to bottom and in between crevasses. Not only will your furniture be looking fresh and clean but it will also last longer as you are taking care of it.

Step Two: Once clean and dry condition your leather. Find a great product to add some moisture back into it.

Step Three: Some clients add some shine and final coat to make sure their leather is protected again.

Once done, your furniture will not only be clean, but it will also probably look new.


If you have upholstery: Get out the vacuum attachments and vacuum upholstered furniture, including under and between cushions. Rotate sofa cushions when possible for more even wear. If you can take off the coverings and wash them, do so.


4. Grout and caulking

If your light-colored grout and caulking at starting to looking icky, remove grout discoloration and stains by scrubbing with oxygenated bleach. A tip we have tried: (please conduct a small test on your materials before you do this) we soak toilet paper in bleach and then place it on the caulking or light grout. After 10 minutes, we return and it looks like new.

Wash off any excess chemical and once again, your grout and caulking will look new.


5. Technology Clean Up

This type of clean-up – is a different type of clean-up. You can sit down and reward yourself with a beverage while doing this clean-up.

This is a great time to go through all the technology in your home and remove wanted apps, filters, platforms you no longer use. This is also a great way to save some money you might not have known you were spending.


Good luck with your Spring Clean Up!


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