The Holiday’s Are Coming Do You Have Room For Guests

Expecting company over the holidays: Thanksgiving, Remembrance Day and or Christmas? Feeling cramped in your home with you and your family and they’re not even here yet? Don’t let your lack of living space discourage you. Sometimes it’s not the number of rooms you have, but rather how you configure them.



One room can magically turn into two rooms with completely different functions, all with the installation of a room divider.

Room dividers come in all form. They range from portable screen or curtains, to a full shelving system that creates both division and storage. They can be as complex as an intricate system camouflaging Murphy beds and fold up tables.

If you have an office and you need to put up the in-laws or the cousins – get a cot or a blow bed can even work in the interim.



If your basement is currently a deep dark hole, look into creating a corner space. Put up dividers, decorative lamps, and a nice carpet and a very comfy bed. You can make your basement feel very cozy (even if it is currently not).  You just need to use your imagination and some elbow grease.



If you’re lucky enough to have high ceilings, take advantage of your vertical real estate to add everything from shelving to a loft bed.

Extra storage areas are often hidden in plain view. This includes space above your doors, windows and cabinets where you can add shelving. You’ll probably even find extra space to add more shelves above the shelf in your closet.

Don’t forget to look down too, and take advantage of storage space under beds, for example, using low storage containers on wheels.

If you have higher ceilings and you constantly find yourself with a lot of company – built in – or standard bunk beds are a great way to sleep a lot of people. 



While you may be short on floor and cupboard space, you will certainly be able to find ceiling and wall space to hang and store a multitude of items.

From vertical racks with hooks for hanging toiletry-laden baskets on your bathroom wall, to a rack hanging down from your kitchen ceiling for your pots and pans, to specifically-designed bicycle hooks to both display and store your bikes on your wall, there are endless storage ideas available in today’s “less is more” environment.


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