Springtime ~ Keep It From Damaging Your Home

Springtime can be a silent home killer and it is frequently overlooked by homeowners.

In Saskatoon, we are use to snow piled up against our house, gutters blocked with ice and run off frequently dripping off the roof. However, if your home has a basement you are at risk for serious water damage if temperatures rise quickly and water

starts pooling.

We’ve complied a tip list to keep your home safe during the spring run off:

1) Keep the perimeter of your home clear of snow and ice during springtime:

When it snows it’s great to get into the habit of clearing the snow and ice from around your home. As soon as the snow and ice start melting there will be room for them to run off rather then run straight down towards your basement.

2) Shovel out your window wells and clear vents:

Water finds it’s way into any little crack and crevasse so keeping your window wells and vents clear of snow and ice will help prevent any damage that may occur if the temperature warms up and then freezes again.

3) Clear out Your Gutters:

If your gutters are blocked water can overflow and run down the side of your home while penetrating any seal or crack that isn’t sealed. Be sure you can safely reach your gutters to clear them out and if not, ask a neighbour or friend for assistance.

4) Keep sidewalks and driveways clear of ice:

As snow and ice melt – water will likely move into areas you have previously cleaned. Continuously clean those areas so you are not left with a sheet of ice if temperatures drop again. Should this happen, your home could be surrounded by a skating rink that posses a problem when warmer temperatures arise.

5) Do a perimeter check of your property:

Every year, during the same time, it would be a great idea to walk around and check your property. Take notice of any changes and take pictures of your foundation so you can get get ahead of problems before they occur. Note any shifts in your foundation and have someone look at it right away – before it’s a big problem that needs a lot of money to be fixed.

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