Renovations gone wrong

renovations gone wrong

Renovations gone wrong – We talked to a few people and did some research on the biggest renovation regrets. January is that time of year. People set their new goals, plan new home design ideas and get ready for big reno’s in the spring and summer. 

We’ve compiled the top 6 biggest regrets families have when it come to renovations.

Some of the biggest home renovation regrets include:

1. Not planning ahead:

Not having a clear plan and budget for the renovation can lead to overspending and not getting the desired results. Having a clear plan and budget lead to a lot of frustration for you and your family if there are additional costs. If appliances were not ordered and are back ordered it can delay the renovations a lot longer than you had anticipated. 

Creating a plan and having a clear cut budget are needed when planning a home renovation of any size.

2. Skimping on quality:

Using cheap materials or cutting corners can result in a subpar finished product that needs to be redone sooner than expected.

Cheap materials also show their age a lot faster than good quality materials. If you want your renovations to last longer than focus on better materials.

3. Not consulting professionals:

Not consulting architects, designers, or contractors can lead to mistakes that are costly to fix. 

If you are not great at design, if putting together a home feels like a burden to you, ensure that you have professionals who can help and arrange, design and execute your plans for you.

4. Not considering resale value:

Renovations that are too personalized or trendy may not appeal to potential buyers when it comes time to sell the home.

Putting a glass slipper bath tub in your home might be your dream. However, those things are expensive and spending that extra money might be great for you, just know other people might not feel the same about your upgrades and might not see the value the same way you do.

5. Not thinking about the future:

Not considering how your lifestyle may change in the future can result in a renovation that doesn’t meet your long-term needs.

Building a dream home for entertaining and having parties is great when you are older (and when you are younger). While you have children (those in between years) you might want more space for crafts, clothes and children’s items. No matter what your future looks like, make sure you are designing your home for longevity, not for just a few years.

6. Not getting proper permits:

Skipping or avoiding permits can lead to legal and financial issues.


It is always recommended to think and plan ahead, consult professionals and consider resale value and future plans before making any renovation decisions.


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