Rehab Your Garage

Has your garage become a dumping ground for you, your children and your neighbours stuff? Yeah, that happens? It’s time to

rehab your garage for piece of mind and clarity.

Use A Peg Board

Peg boards can be used for small and large items. They are a cheap and effective way to clean up items that have been lying around in your garage.

Add School Lockers To Your Garage

School lockers are the perfect addition. You can have one for each member of the family and you can make them responsible for their locker.

Vertically Hang Bikes

Since space is limited so think vertical. Build racks to put items such as Christmas trees and Christmas decorations. Or, use this great hack. Hang your bikes on the wall to keep them safely stored and out of the way.

Turn Your Entrance Into A Decorative Mudroom

And you thought garages had to be dark and dingy or full of spiders. This is what we like to call entrance glamour! This space could sell itself.

Designate Parking Space

You have a parking space. Your spouse has a designated parking space. Create designated parking spaces for your children’s rides as well.

Buying or Selling a Home?

Whatever your buying or selling needs or wants may be, we are available to sit down and work through a plan that works best for you and your family. Contact us to get started.