Pantry Organization

pantry organization

When we show houses we see one thing quite frequently. A beautiful home. A gorgeous kitchen with high end everything and then a not so high end looking pantry. It’s not you! You are not alone, keeping pantries organized is hard! 

There are several things pantries are used for:

  • Broom closet
  • Food storage
  • Kitchen electronics
  • Alcohol storage 
  • Etc…

So, what can you do to keep your pantry organized. Looking clean. And to keep it easy for everyone to use? 

We have four suggestions for you:

Functional – if it does not work it will not be used properly: 

The organization and function of the pantry should make sense for the whole family. If the layout is clear, pantries are easy to use. When they are easy to use, your partner and or children and or you parents will be more inclined to keep the pantry clean.  

Do you have little kids at home (and or aging parents)? If so, look for large open bins or containers with easy pop or flip-up lids. The screw on containers make it harder to keep things need and tidy!


Transparency keep everything open for pantry organization:

This is so important. If people cannot see into things, they need to open everything and rummage through it. This includes you!

We suggest sticking with clear containers as much as possible. The transparency will allow you to see your supplies and keep track of what’s still in stock. Clear containers are also easier to mix and match, which will help you save space and look unified.


Stackability Is Key For Saving Space: 

Every little bit of space counts in a pantry, especially if it is a small one. So, when shopping for containers, consider how they will be configured together. Choosing square or rectangular containers with flat lids. If everything stacks easily it will allow you to fit more items on the same shelf.


Labeling – Know Exactly Where Everything Is At All Times:

If you know exactly what is in a container without having to open it – you won’t need to rummage through items that are not needed. 

Labeling everything keeps grocery shopping easier. When you see you are running low in the snack container, you know to go get more. It also keeps finding everything you need easier as 1) you can see through containers and 2) If labeled properly you can find what you are looking for in seconds.


As always, if you are looking for help buying or selling or organizing a home do not hesitate to contact Gregg Bamford or Ryan Bamford.

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