Outdoor Space


Who doesn’t love a good outdoor space? With summer behind it is a great time to start thinking about what next summer could like in your backyard!

Outdoor rooms and outdoor spaces can be the most rejuvenating spaces in one’s home. Especially rooms and spaces that are well-designed. Knowing that you have the ability to drink morning coffee while outside in your yard is glorious for our Saskatchewan summers. 

It’s also great to know that if you send the kids to the backyard they have space to play and go. 

Here are our top backyard ideas and designs.

1) Backyard Fire Pits 

The circular shape, fire pit and comfy chairs entice homeowners, their family and their friends to gather in the welcoming spot. Fire pits are great for backyard smores! And the smoke is great for keeping away the pesky mosquitoes. 


2) Entertaining BBQ Space

Having a built-in outdoor BBQ space with prep area for food and places for drinks is a great way to enjoy your yard in the summer time in Saskatchewan. 


3) Bold and Blocky Minimalism is a great design for the backyard

Keeping everything blocky and bold is a great way to minimize extra work. Creating a large cement pad with a huge sectional and a large umbrella is easy to maintain and adds an extra level of elegance to your backyard.


4) Shaded Dining & Seating

Sometimes the sun can be a little too hot in the summer months. Having a shaded area with the ability to lounge and eat makes entertaining in the back yard all that much easier. 


5) Kids play area

If your backyard allows for it – building a kids space is a great way to keep the kids entertained year round. If you have an area for a trampoline and jungle gym and a side patch of yard for a rink in the winter – you really have it all. 


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