Organizing Your Kitchen

Getting your kitchen organized is about half the battle. Once you have a good flow to your kitchen you know where everything is, how everything flows and cooking and cleaning become that much easier. 

Here’s a quick guide and the best way to organize your kitchen cabinets and drawers by grouping items together and storing them closer together. 


Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets & Drawers


Step 1: Empty cabinets and drawers and the food pantry

Take everything out and we mean everything. Make a pile. But make your piles consciously. Keep “kitchen tools” in an area. Keep baking needs in another. Keep items such as utensils, can openers, garlic presses nearby. Make a plan for how you want your kitchen to flow. What do you use everyday? What can be stored in higher shelves that you use 3 or 4 times a year like a gravy boat. 

Once you have a plan you will be able to organize and create the best flow for your kitchen. 


Step 2: Sort cabinets by what to keep, throw away, recycle and or give away or donate

When you get to your piles – start making secondary piles. What do you need to keep? What should be thrown away? Is there anything you bought once because you thought you would use all the time but now it’s time to give-a-way or donate? 

Once you have your pile to throw away, do it immediately. Once your “donate” pile is sorted, place it in your vehicle immediately and put a deadline for drop off. 

Now not only are you organized, your kitchen (and you) should feel lighter. 


Step 3: Clean all the surfaces and crevasse in your kitchen

Cleaning kitchens is a never ending job? Do you feel like you spend most of your time cleaning your kitchen? You are not alone. At least twice a year think about doing a deep clean (and we mean deep clean) in the areas of your kitchen that are used the most. 

Vacuum out drawers. Vacuum the walls. Clean inside the cabinets. Touch up any nix or scratches that might be on your cupboards or drawers at this time. 


Step 4: Plan out your kitchen based on putting things where they are easily accessible and where they will be used.

This is a follow up to step 1. Now that you have laid out the plan for your kitchen, put it into motion and test things. Do you like where you have put utensils and oven tools? If not, what works better for your flow? This is the time to rearrange and make sure everything works perfectly for you. 


Step 5: Add: baskets, inserts, racks, any any other storage solutions you will need or want

Adding storage containers, drawer dividers, baskets and racks is a great way to make sure you have order and a system to your kitchen. 

There are many kitchen storage cabinet solutions out there, be sure to choose the one that works best for you. 


Step 6: Return everything to your cabinets, drawers, prioritizing frequency of use

How does your kitchen feel once everything is in place? Is it laid out in a manner that works for your cooking, cleaning style? Is there an area that is still not working? How can you fix it? 

Is there anything missing? Is there a workstation, drawer, kitchen appliance missing from your mix? Now is the time to add it to your list and think about how you could incorporate it. Where would you go? Make a plan so that when it is time to bring it into your home and your kitchen, everything still works well. 

Step 7: Enjoy your clean & organized kitchen

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