New Furniture – Is Your Housing Needing Some

new furniture

One of life’s simple pleasures is coming home at the end of the work day and curling up on the sofa or comfy cozy armchair. However, if your furniture has passed the point of comfy and is now looking a little worse for wear – it might be time to buy new furniture that can stand the test of time!

If you find yourself in need of new furniture, we have some suggestions for you!


Suggestion #1:

Do not rush into impulsive purchases! Your new furniture will be one of the (if not the) most-used pieces of furniture in your home. You will want to look into high level craftsmanship that delivers deep comfort and support. There are many other considerations such as style, shape, upholstery and durability. If you have children, especially small children, you might want to focus on leather furniture. It is durable and easy to clean when children spill and should they color, draw or use permanent marker – there are cleaners to get rid of those marks too.


Suggestion #2: 

Measure everything! Twice. Three times, to be sure.

Measure the area you’ve designated for your new sofa. It would be wise to mark on the floor the exact measurement of the furniture. Then, take into account the size and shape of the room. If you have a small narrow room – leave enough space to walk around without having to maneuver your body. If you have a large room – pick larger furniture that fills up the room without leaving it feeling empty. 

Once you’ve measured the room. Ensured the room feels full (but not too full). Order you new furniture. Now you know it will fit the space and will keep your room open enough to move around freely. 


Suggestion #3:

Choose your materials wisely!

If you want long lasting furniture ensure you buy a sturdy frame. A wooden frame is best! High quality wood that has been kiln-dried is going to be the best. Do not buy cheap or green wood. It can easily break, warp and will not hold up against children, or pets. 

The frame for your furniture should be secured together by dowels or nails; avoid furniture that is held together by staples and or glue. The legs on all your furniture should be either part of the frame or solidly attached. Sometimes, metal frames may be necessary when the seat of the sofa has a large span, but they can make the sofa heavy and hard to move. If your furniture has a metal frame but be sure to get help when arranging it or moving it so you do not wreck it, or your floors. 


Suggestion #4:

Pay close attention to the cushions and the fillings!

The most expensive fillings for back and seat cushions are feather and down. Sometimes, the most expensive options seem to be the best but… cushions that are 100% down require a lot of fluffing and patting to hold their shape.

Down-only cushions are better suited as back cushions. New cloth furniture sometimes comes with only cloth on one side. The other side is either black filing or backing. While this usually means that furniture is cheaper it usually means that it is cheaper made and should you need to flip over the cushion – this will not be possible. 

When you pick good furniture – seat cushions should be firm and regain their shape after you apply pressure to them.

The best choice for the seats and backrests are cushions of high-density, resilient foam wrapped with either down or polyester. This type of cushion usually holds up against all the elements thrown at it after the years.

Buying or Selling a Home?

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