Is Your Home Winter Ready

Winter is here, is your home winter ready?! We were hit hard this past week with Jack Frost and so we think it’s time you ensure your home is winter ready. We may have a few more days this fall/winter season to take care of some last minute items we

were unable to, before the snow hit!

1) Winter Ready Your Home By Checking Your Furnace

It’s imperative to check your furnace yearly to maximize efficiency. Even the little things – such as changing your furnace, make a big difference. It’s best to have your furnace looked over by a professional before it get’s cold, especially if you are going away.

If you take a winter holiday and your furnace quite, it can cause water pipes to burst. It might be wise to hook up a security system that will monitor the temperature of your home.

2) Windows

If you have an older home you may have cracks and windows that are not sealed properly. Even small imperfections can cause your energy bill to skyrocket. If you have a few windows blowing in cold air, your furnace might struggle to keep your home toasty this winter.

3) Doors and Weather Stripping

Doors start at a couple hundred dollars at Home Depot or Rona. It makes sense to replace them if there is a problem. If you choose to keep your front door for aesthetics, replace the weather stripping. Making these small adjustments to your home before the winter months can save you a lot of money with your energy bill

4) Prepare Your Pluming to Make Your Home Winter Ready

If you have out door underground sprinklers, have them blown out. Roll up your garden house and store them inside in order to keep them from freezing and cracking during the winter months.

5) Winter Ready Your Fireplace

Make sure your fireplace is ready to provide warm nights all winter. Have a professional check out your chimney, clean it and inspect it. For more energy savings, consider installing a setback thermostat that keeps the home cooler when you are asleep or away.

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