How To Sell A Less Desirable Home

There is a buyer for every home.


This is not a trick, this is the truth – you just have to find that one right buyer. Don’t believe us, no problem, here is the perfect example.

A Toronto couple bought this shed, not even a house, a shed, for $50,000 and now it’s a five-storey tower home listed for $2.25 million. So, it’s like we said, you just need to find that one buyer with a different mind set.


less desirable


Speaking of mind set, yours might need to change?


Paint The Picture:

Remember, the audience you are catering. The audience you want might not always be like you or the realtor you choose. This is extremely impactful and powerful when you want to sell your home. Remember it.

You cannot let your decisions and your bias set in. You might think your home is perfect, some else may not. You might think your home is in need of a serious make over, someone may see it and think it is perfect.

To reach your strongest selling position, you need to understand your product from your target buyer’s point of view. This may differ a little or a lot from your own point of view. When you are selling your home, you need to get out of your own head. You need to think like your potential buyer, who might be—and very likely is—nothing like you.

If you only focus on pitching the sale to an audience of buyers who think, act, shop, and buy like you, then you are absolutely right, it WOULD be “less desirable” to someone like you.

Paint the picture for the new home owner – if you are going after a buy who is going to fix it and use it as a rental – show them how easily that can be done.

If you are focused on a new home owner who can purchase the home, put in a little sweat equity and sell it for a profit, talk about that.


Use The Home To Your Advantage:

Whatever situation you find yourself in, use it to your advantage. There is always a deal to be made and a negotiation waiting to happen.

If you feel your home is less desirable, talk about how the new owners can fix it up and add X amount of dollars to their equity.

If you feel your home is less desirable but has a lot of potential – talk about that. Talk about how a little paint, a few new pulls and new carpet will turn the place around.

Sometimes, homes have ran their course and need to be torn down. If that is the case of your home, but it is in the perfect neighbourhood, that’s the dream you sell and the story you tell.


As always, if you need help buying or selling your home, our team is here to help.


Gregg Bamford and Ryan Bamford

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