How Location Impacts Investment


How location impacts your investment for the future

Buying your dream home? Or buying your first home? You still need to take location into consideration. The old saying location, location, location still applies.

Do you know what you should be considering when buying your home, in order to get the best return? We have a few things to

take into consideration before you buy or start looking for your next property.

1) Established Neighbourhoods Close to Downtown

If you can get into a home that has close proximity to downtown in a great area you are definitely going to be happy with your home investment now and in the future when it comes time to sell. Young couples love living close to downtown to be closer to

work, coffee shops and entertainment. Smaller families are also found closer to downtown if there are great schools in the neighbourhood.

2) New Neighbourhoods

Getting a home in a new neighbourhood is a great investment. You will be in a home that has warranty and then you can slowly make additions to make your home an investment. Buying a new home in a new up and coming neighbourhood is a great way

to protect your home investment.

3) A Location Close To A New School

Public education is something parents look for when moving into a community. If you are fortunate to have your dream home beside (or in the neighbourhood) of a new school, you are sure to be able to capture attention of parents when it’s time to sell

your home.

4)  Proximity to Amenities

This is important for everyone. Everyone wants to be close to amenities and have high walk scores to improve their quality of life and to ensure their time at home (what little time they now have) is not spent in the car driving to stores such as groceries, dry cleaning, gas stations and banks.

5) Scenic views

Having a scenic view is a great perk, but it is not a “must have” for a lot of families. However, if your home is fortunate to have a scenic view you have something not a lot of people do have, which can be beneficial when it comes time to selling your home.

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