Home Investments

The pandemic redefined what’s important for many of us. 

We now have the option to work remotely, part time or full time. As a result of the change of work environment more people are wanting to invest in their homes on a different level than before. 

In the post-lockdown era, many of us are eager to entertain families and friends in our homes again. 

While many of us are excited to have company and invest in our homes again, the global supply chain crisis has also influenced many of our design choices. Sometimes people are faced with making stressful decisions. Should they wait to go with stocked products? They usually have shorter lead times. Or should they wait indefinitely for more desirable selections to become available?

Many people are opting for what is available now and not wanting to wait as long for items. 

As of Fall 2022 here is what is being requested right now and what’s gaining momentum in home decor. We’ve listed the top three requests right now. 


1) Durable | Lifelong Materials

Right now searches and requests for  heavy-duty materials and surfaces that are easy to clean are the number one requested items. People are spending a lot more time at home and want to make sure they invest in durable, longer-lasting materials. This is especially true for homeowners with young children.

Home Investments

2) Multi purpose rooms

Comfortable spaces for work and play are also in high demand. Even though the world has opened up, many people are staying close to home. Home offices and ‘Zoom rooms’ are extremely popular right now but people want the option to ensure these rooms can be used for other things such as work outs, play rooms or craft rooms when the work day is done. 

Many homeowners say they want interiors that are flexible for their changing needs, not just beautiful aesthetics. 

3) Natural Materials with nature  

From residential to big hospitality projects and commercial spaces, there has been a shift from the desire to use extremely luxurious shiny materials and accessories back to more matte finishes, natural materials and soft color palettes to make spaces feel more comfortable and approachable. There is a lot of natural wood mixed with a lot of earth tone colors being requested right now.  Nature falls into this with plants being used as accessories to dress up and decorate rooms with their natural colors. 

As always if you need help buying or selling or staging your home do not hesitate to reach out to Gregg Bamford or Ryan Bamford.

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