Great Room Ideas

Great Room Ideas

Great Room Ideas – Who doesn’t love the idea of the great room!

A room devoted to eating and drinking and merriment! Sometimes these rooms are used infrequently and at times have been cut from designer/architectural plans. They are ideal for large get togethers, family dinners and wonderful celebrations!

Achieving optimum dining room design can be a little tricky. 

One of the easiest changes you can make is swapping out your furniture. The focal point of the room should be your biggest investment and for most people – this is the dining room table.

Don’t be afraid to splurge — a good table can last you decades! Once you have this cornerstone piece figured out, you can then focus on implementing your favorite dining room decorating ideas and storage options.

What kind of dining room furniture should I get?

Dining areas come in all shapes and sizes. As you browse dining room ideas, consider a few things. 

  1. What is your dining room layout?
  2.  How often do you entertain? 
  3. How many people usually attend? 
  4. What kind of events do you like organizing – big dinners or intimate gatherings? 
  5. What kind of dining rooms are you personally drawn to at other homes?
  6.  If you don’t host anything because you are hindered by your current dining room consider what kind of gatherings you would ideally throw and work from there. If you want a dining table with options, purchase one with a leaf so you can accommodate varying numbers of guests. Keep in mind that to ensure visitors won’t be bumping elbows with their fellow dinner guests, each person needs about two feet of eating space (typically the table manufacturer will be able to recommend the amount of people that can comfortably sit at the table). 

Round tables are optimal for achieving some of the smaller dining room design ideas you might see. Large rectangular tables are optimal for hosting large parties and including a lot of seating while having ample space to eat, drink and have fun!

What kind of dining room decor should I have?

When looking for dining room decorating ideas, remember you don’t want to overwhelm this refined space with too much clutter. 

Simple does not mean plain, and this is a room where you can take some stylistic liberties. When decorating dining rooms, think about color schemes (after choosing your table, of course!). 

Top off your dining room remodel with a statement light fixture, artwork and or a large mirror to reflect more light throughout the room. Lastly, don’t forget the dining room table decor! A seasonal centrepiece, table runner or plant arrangement can immediately brighten up the entire space. 

Add Storage To My Dining Room?

When choosing storage for dining rooms, focus on functionality. 

  1. Do you want to have a place to lay out food? 
  2. Do you want more storage? 
  3. Do you want to showcase any items? 

Take a look at various dining room pictures to see how others have incorporated storage and pull the ideas you like for your own. 

No matter your space, colors, or furniture one thing is for sure, this will be a space of great memories. 

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