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housing dilemma
Canada’s Housing Dilemma

Around the globe, countries are bracing for and trying to prevent a housing bubble. There is one country that is bucking that trend, Canada. While

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July Housing Market

July Housing Market: Residential properties – 2199 Single family – 1283 Condominiums – 916 Saskatoon’s July Housing Market update. Over the last month the Saskatoon

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May Housing Stats

Housing Stats May 2017: Residential properties 2153 Single family – 1299 Condominiums – 614 Townhouses – 241 Saskatoon May Housing Market: As we approach the

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April Housing Stats

Housing Stats April 2017: Current Properties On The Market Residential Properties – 1996 Single Family – 1180 Condominiums – 596 Townhouses – 220 Saskatoon Housing

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