Basement Dwellings

basement dwellings

A basement is a bonus space for many homeowners. And it is usually turned into a kids room and or a retreat to have a family night in front of the big screen.

If you’re looking for ways to create a lively basement, we have several ideas for movies with the family, playing table tennis or pool or ping pong, Monopoly matches and so much more!

1) The Lounge

If you have a large basement with ample space – adding a ping pong table and or a pool table to the mix can be a lot of fun! This basement is perfectly matched and ready to host families and friends.

basement dwellings


2) The Home Movie Theatre

Friday movie popcorn nights just got a lot more fun with a built in theater + surround sound + reclining chairs! The whole family can snuggle up and enjoy their favourite flicks in this space!

basement dwellings


3) The Game Room

Basements can be a great space to sit, relax and enjoy some time kicking butt! We love these simple ideas of a scrabble room and a monopoly built in coffee table.


basement dwellings






Basement dwellings can be anything you want them to be. Sometimes, even an unfinished basement is a great space! Kids can use it to practice riding bikes before the spring. It’s a great space to set up hockey nets or basketball hoops where moms and dads and caregivers won’t be yelling to not shoot, bounce, throw balls in the house.

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