Are You A Green Thumb? Get Your Gardens Ready

Since we have been in a COVID lockdown for almost a year – now might be the perfect time to become a green thumb. There are several ways to get started. And several benefits to growing your own garden, or flower garden!

First, we suggest going through the gardening catalogs.

Decide what you like, what you want to grow, and how you want your own garden to look and grow. Winter is a great time to reflect (assuming you grew a garden last year) and take stalk of what worked and what didn’t in your previous garden. Are there things you want to grow: herbs, spices, fruits veggies, and other things you don’t?

Either way now is a great time to start planning, looking into resources and when is the best time to plant and start growing.


Step 1 To Being A Green Thumb.

Map out your yard! Are there dead spots where the sun does not shine? What would be great to plant there? Do you have animals that will be peeing on the perimeter of the yard? Do you need to avoid certain spots? Mapping out your yard allows you to decide what needs to be planted where. It will also allow you to create a garden that works and flows to the space you have.


Step 2 Deciding What To Plant.

Do you love flowers that bloom throughout the year? Do you want to have plants that grow back year after year or do you want to change up the garden and plant new flowers in new places year after year? Deciding how involved you want to be is also a very important part of gardening. If you like getting home at the end of the day and getting into the garden then that makes choosing plants that much easier. if you want to plant and then forget about the garden, make sure to purchase plants that require very little tender love and care.


Step 3 H20.

Do you have underground sprinklers or an irrigation system? Will there be dead spots that get no water or spots that receive a lot of water that would kill plants, flowers, or shrubs? If so, plan that out. Are going to be areas that receive no water will you be able to get a watering can and tend to those areas as frequently as required? if not, rethink the plants.


Step 4 Make It Easy.

If you want to make things easier for yourself, move plants and edibles closer to the house. You can have herbs and spices on hanging walls or hanging gardens inside your house. You can plant tomatoes beside your BBQ and beside your home assuming the lighting and conditions are good. Do not forget the side of your home or elevated planting boxes as alternatives as well.


Now is the perfect time to get your garden ready! Good luck with the growing season.


As always – if you need help with anything home-related do not hesitate to reach out to Gregg Bamford or Ryan Bamford.


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