CTV NEWS SASKATOON – July 2020 Ryan Bamford

ctv news saskatoon

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The July housing market:

  • Atypical with an increase in activity
  • low inventory levels
  • low interest rates (1.99%)
  • increase in activity


Market Valuable of Homes:

  • Past value / comparables
  • location
  • square footage
  • lot size
  • home upgrades
  • value to potential buyers
  • pricing at market value is the most important thing


What Happens When A House Does Not Sell

  • How many people looked at it? if many people looked at it – and no offers – pricing is off
  • what was the feedback / to the value
  • are you current with the market changes
  • take the house off the market / add a few upgrades – keep potential buyer in mind


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Gregg Bamford


Ryan Bamford



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