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Can’t Afford A Home On Your Own? What About With Others?
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Can’t Afford A Home On Your Own? Here’s A Thought. Today’s real estate prices are making it hard enough to purchase property with two salaries, let alone one. Not only that, now, you have to qualify for housing at a … Read More

Selling In Soft Market
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Chances are, you’ve been following along with the news and the real estate updates. If so, you know we are currently in a soft market. This is typically a recovery period where home prices return to a more sustainable level. … Read More

August Housing Market Review
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Saskatoon’s real estate market continues to see many adjustments. In August, unit sales were consistent with last year’s numbers but year to date we are still down 3%. So far this year, the sales dollar volume has seen a 7% … Read More

Upgrades Without Breaking The Bank
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It’s imperative to make periodic updates to help maintain your property’s overall value. There isn’t a need to invest thousands of dollars in updates in order to benefit from an increase in your home’s value. A little bit here and … Read More

Is Your Home “SMART”
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The IoT (internet of things) has made life simpler. Super simple! You can turn on your crock pot. Adjust your home temperature and arm your alarm. All of this with the touch a button from your phone. So we ask … Read More

July 2018 Real Estate Market
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Saskatoon’s real estate market makes headway in July.   We continue to see drastic changes in Saskatoon. July brought some shocking numbers. There was a 25% increase in sales and almost 24% increase in dollar volume over last year. Year … Read More