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Buying A Fixer Upper? Have You Thought Of This?
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Did you just buy a new house? Are you thinking about remodelling the entire house? Many buyers forego fixer uppers for move in ready homes. As a result, significant opportunities are left in prime locations.  In competitive markets or a … Read More

July 2019 Real Estate Review
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Saskatoon’s July 2019 real estate market see’s a slight decline.   The July 2019 Saskatoon Real Estate Market: The dollar volume decreased almost 2% compared to last year at this time but year to date it is up 6%. This … Read More

Foreclosures are up 80%
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Many people suggest the “Sask-a-boom” is over. Whether or not you agree with that, there are some sobering numbers to look at in Saskatchewan right now.  First and foremost – the foreclosure rates continue to go up year after year. … Read More

Sit Tight – Mortgage Interest Rates Might Drop
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It’s Time To Sit Tight if you are planning to buy a home. However, if you are planning to sell your home this year we suggest you sell as fast as you can right now.  Why the stark contrast between … Read More

5 Subconscious Reasons No One Is Buying Your Home
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Selling your home is an emotional process. There are a lot of feelings that can arise even if things go smoothly, you still might feel – excitement, anxiousness, despair, frustration… the list goes on.    Now, imagine your house doesn’t … Read More

A Decrease In The Stress Test – What Does It Mean?
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If you have been watching the news or paying attention to the markets, you know that the global economy is not doing that well. Some tell take signs: real estate sales are down lay offs are happening around the global … Read More