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Will the rise in inventory levels decrease demand?
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Saskatoon Housing Market Inventory The buying frenzy continued for the Saskatoon Real Estate Market in April. The number of sales increased by 158% over last year at this time and year to date is up 87%. The sales volume also … Read More

Remodelling A Home
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Remodeling projects can come with their ups and downs. Certain phases of your project will fly by, while others feel like they drag on and on and on. Every home renovation and every project will be different and all phrases … Read More

Update Your Yard This Spring
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We are pretty sure the snow is gone!? Maybe. It has snowed in May long before…. Getting your outdoor spaces looking the best it can, does not take as much time or as much money as you might think. We’ve … Read More

The Spring Clean Up
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What does spring clean-up mean to you? Does it mean cleaning out the garage? Dusting off a few areas of the house? Or a major overhaul of cleaning everything? Lighting up and refreshing your home with a spring-cleaning right now … Read More

Updating The Master Bedroom
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If you are like most people, what you want is a calm and serene bedroom. You might also want one that has a luxurious feel to it. Your bedroom should be the ultimate place for rest and relaxation. After all, … Read More

Change is on the horizon March 2021 Report
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March 2021 Report Over the last year month over month, the Saskatoon Real Estate market continues to smash records. In March the demand for homes gave many sellers the opportunity to test the market and succeed. The number of sales … Read More