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October 2018 Saskatoon Housing Review
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Saskatoon’s Real Estate Market continues to see negative numbers in October. The unit sales remain consistent with last October but year to date we are down 2%. New listings hitting the market continue to see a large decline of 17% … Read More

Canadian Housing Burst Compared To The United States
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This article is borrowed from Point 2 Homes: We have been hearing a lot lately the Canadian Housing Crisis is not a crisis. We’ve also heard that Canadian Housing and the “down turn” we are in could never be as … Read More

Preparing For A Real Estate Downturn
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If you’ve been reading the news lately you’ve probably read that house prices are up, but interest (in terms of people wanting to buy homes) is not. We are frequently seeing homes selling for less than asking – or selling … Read More

Should I Rent Or Buy In This Market
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There seems to be a lot of uncertainty when it comes to real estate these days. We get it!   Home prices are falling. Interest rates are rising. Policies to be able to buy a home are also changing. It’s … Read More

Interest Rates May Increase Again
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This has been a difficult year to navigate real estate.   There have been consistent interest rate hikes. There have been new mortgages rules applied and of course – there is the stress test.   It appears that the changes … Read More

September 2018 Real Estate Market Saskatoon
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Saskatoon real estate market continues to fluctuate drastically month over month and this has created confusion with most. In September we actually saw an increase in the amount of sales by 3% which brings us to a decline of 2% … Read More