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2019 Interior Design Trends
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This year, white was out and more than ever colors and textures came flooding back in. The biggest design trend we saw this year was … Colored Kitchens.  Yes that’s right!   2019 Interior Design Trend Number One:   No … Read More

November 2019 Real Estate Review
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Saskatoon’s Real Estate market sees some positive numbers in November. How Are Prices Looking? The dollar volume had an increase of 16% over last November but year to date it is only up 7%. This increase is a direct result of less … Read More

An Open Concept Bathroom. Are You Open To It?
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We’ve all heard of the “open concept” home. For those of you living under a rock (who have missed this trend) the open concept home has less walls – focuses on being more open and having more flow. Many people … Read More

The Truth About The Housing Market
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If you are like us, you’ve been reading a lot about the housing market. There is a lot of speculation about a surge coming. Some people and news outlets are talking about a big come back next year. We have … Read More

401 Lake Crescent – Conditionally Sold
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Did you read about this house in the StarPhoenix? This was a fun home for us to sell. It is currently, conditionally sold.   About The 401 Lake Cres House : This home was originally constructed in 1958. If you … Read More

Winter Emergency Kits
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Winter weather is upon us. One minute there is a blizzard outside and the next minute it is above freezing and raining. You never know when a Saskatchewan winter storm is going to blow through and potential knock out your … Read More