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Pricing Your Home
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What goes into pricing your home? A lot more than you think. It’s not as simple as: “my neighbour sold their house for $789,900, so I want $789,900.” There are many things that need to go into consideration. Plus, please … Read More

The Holiday’s Are Coming Do You Have Room For Guests
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Expecting company over the holidays: Thanksgiving, Remembrance Day and or Christmas? Feeling cramped in your home with you and your family and they’re not even here yet? Don’t let your lack of living space discourage you. Sometimes it’s not the … Read More

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AUGUST 2020 MONTHLY REAL ESTATE IN REVIEW The Real Estate market in Saskatoon sets record numbers for the summer of 2020 and August was no different. The amount of sales are up 41.8% over last year at this time and … Read More

Tips for Moving Dressers and Wardrobes
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Getting ready for a move? We’ve been asked several times how to protect large items such as china cabinets, wardrobes and large drawers when moving. If you are using a moving company, they usually know how to do this very … Read More

Sustainable Housing
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Building a home is a fun time. Building a dream home that is also good for the environment is something a lot of people are also striving for.  Now, more than ever, people are focused on creating sustainability and not … Read More

August 2020 Monthly Real Estate Review
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Did you have a chance to watch Gregg Bamford on CTV Morning Live Saskatoon on September 2nd?  Update on the market: August 2020 Monthly Real Estate? – We are still seeing a very hot market with the lack of … Read More