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Stress Test Complication
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The Canadian Real Estate Association(CREA) estimates a home buyer in Saskatoon with a 20 per cent down payment would have to come up with an additional $48,000 to qualify for a single-family home with a benchmark price of $306,900 due to … Read More

The Dreaded Stress Test
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Stress tests implemented by lenders has made it harder for people to purchase homes. It’s really hard to qualify for a home. Some people are getting half of what they were qualified at 1 year ago.     What’s Changing … Read More

April Real Estate Market Review
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Saskatoon’s Real Estate market see’s some positive signs for spring. April Housing Market: In April, we saw an increase in unit sales by 14% compared to last year and year to date are up 7%. As always weather plays a … Read More

Can You Afford To Move Right Now?
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The most recent mortgage qualification changes the mortgage “stress test” implemented at the beginning of last year, continue to impact the type of home Canadians are eligible to purchase. Although interest rates will not be increasing in the near future… … Read More

The Dreaded Pricing Woe’s
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Perception is Everything. How much you think your house is worth and what it’s actually worth in the eyes of potential buyers doesn’t always align. Sometimes the number is close and a compromise is simple. Sometimes, the number is so … Read More

Open Concept Kitchens
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There are several magazine photos of beautifully styled open kitchens with open shelving and matching knickknacks organized just so. The kitchen doors have all been removed. The counter items can look chic enough to trigger a serious case of kitchen … Read More