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Changes In The Housing Market
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Our Current Housing Market The median (not the average) price of a two-storey home during the third quarter decreased 4.3 per cent year-over-year to $387,830. Bungalows prices rose slightly during the same period, up 0.9 per cent to $334,087.   … Read More

Saskatoon: September 2019 Monthly Real Estate Review
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September In Saskatoon Saskatoon’s real estate market see’s a boost in the right direction for the month of September. The sales dollar volume saw an increase of 26% over last September and year to date up 7%. We have seen … Read More

A Coffee Shop In Your House – Your Own Barista
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Seeing that we are coming into a recession – this could be the best time to build your own little coffee shop in your house.  Seeing that the average drink at Starbucks now costs $5.25 – here is a great … Read More

Blue Kitchen’s – They Are All The Rage
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White kitchens used to be trend. Then it was white kitchens and one feature wall. At one point in time, it was kitchens or living rooms with all white and then one red feature wall. Fast forward to today – … Read More

2019 Interest Rate Cut
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If you’ve been reading our blog, we’ve been talking about this a lot this year. We are going to continue to talk about this as it is important for the Saskatoon economy and housing market. The “this” we are referring … Read More

August 2019 Real Estate Review
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Saskatoon’s real estate market continues to see a slight decline. In August the sales dollar volume saw a decrease of 4% but year to date it is up 5%. Even with the increase in activity later in the month, buyers … Read More