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Saskatoon’s real estate market has certainly been affected by Covid-19 and the April numbers show it.   April 2020 Activity: The amount of sales saw a decline of 43.9% over last April and year to date is down 10.8%. Our spring market has … Read More

CTV News & Gregg Bamford May 2020
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Gregg Bamford was able to sit down with CTV Morning News and discuss what’s happening in the market and what’s to come.   We’d love to hear your thoughts.  Here is an overview of what is covered in the … Read More

The Right Size? Or The Wrong Size?
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Have you grown out of your house? Or has your house outgrown you? Either way, you might need to consider rightsizing your life.   Let’s be clear – right sizing might be downsizing, right sizing might be getting a bigger … Read More

Closing On A House
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Closing – what goes into closing a home?  How long does it typically take? What should I expect? etc. Once you have picked your realtor, chosen a house and accepted an offer – many people want to know, what comes … Read More

March 2020 Monthly Real Estate Review
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Over the last couple weeks the Covid-19 virus has certainly affected us all. While we want to be cautious of our communication at this time, we still want to keep you informed on what is happening in the Saskatoon real estate … Read More

Ryan Bamford – Leveraging Technology to Communicate With People
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Ryan Bamford had the privilege of sitting down with Kingsley Ma to discuss how leveraging technology is going to help with communicating with buyers and sellers during the times of COVID19. Listen and watch below: RE/MAX The Voices in Real … Read More