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What Is Right Sizing My Home? Should I do it?
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To Right size your home is the concept of adjusting your home to your new lifestyle. In some cases, this may mean a smaller home. In other cases, this means a bigger home (in terms of living space) with less … Read More

January 2019 Monthly Real Estate Review
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January’s Saskatoon Real estate market numbers are still down across the board. But we have seen some properties move slightly quicker than prior months. Current Numbers: The amount of unit’s being listed has declined by 10% compared to last January. … Read More

Maintaining Your Home
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Once you decide to purchase a home a lot of things change. One big area of change you will notice is that you are now responsible for anything that goes wrong in your home.   As a renter, you were … Read More

Selling In A Buyers Market
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The current real estate down turn, along with negative sentiments, is having an adverse effect on property sales. However, there are still plenty of opportunities for sellers.   With that being said, If you are a seller in most areas … Read More

Saskatchewan & Manitoba Residents Most Likely To Be Near Insolvency
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We are all feeling the housing downturn. For those of us that are hopeful this will turn around soon….. well, let’s remain hopeful. On January 21st, 2019 CBC released an article that states “46% of Canadians $200 or less away … Read More

A Year In Review – 2018 Real Estate Saskatoon
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As we embrace the new year, we always like to reflect on what the past year has brought us. Many of us know that the Saskatoon Real Estate Market has seen many struggles throughout the year. We have also seen … Read More