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Canadian Housing and Election
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We want to be clear and state that we are not on one side or another when it comes to politics, we remain as neutral as possible. Canadian housing and election platforms are going to be in the news as … Read More

Lack Of Inventory Affects The Market
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August Review Saskatoon’s real estate market cools for the summer months. For August the number of sales saw an increase of almost 7% compared to last year at this time and the year to date is up 40.3%. The sales … Read More

Closing Costs On Homes
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Buying a home is a big deal. There are more costs associated with it than some people take into consideration. These are the closing costs on homes. This blog is to help you figure out some of your closing costs … Read More

Functional Kids Rooms
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Kids rooms. They are hard to keep clean and sometimes harder to build for design, organization, function and all of life’s items. If you have kids and you are looking for ways to make your life (and their lives) easier, … Read More

Canada Housing Market Predictions For 2022
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Canadian house prices rose sharply in 2021! What drove the house prices? This was fuelled by ultra-low interest rates throughout lenders. There was also huge demand for larger homes. People wanted more outdoor space. Affordability was driven by massive fiscal … Read More

New Home’s Vintage Touches
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Have you built, or are you about to build a new home in Saskatoon? There is something to a new home – maybe the new home smell or maybe the new paint with no chips, whatever it is, it makes … Read More