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Change is on the horizon March 2021 Report
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March 2021 Report Over the last year month over month, the Saskatoon Real Estate market continues to smash records. In March the demand for homes gave many sellers the opportunity to test the market and succeed. The number of sales … Read More

House Plants
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House plants. They are not for everyone. But, they add a sense of calm and completeness to a home – similar to a garden. If you recall, we posted about gardens and planting in a past blog. If you’re like … Read More

Canada’s Housing Dilemma
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Around the globe, countries are bracing for and trying to prevent a housing bubble. There is one country that is bucking that trend, Canada. While banks around the world are flooding their economies with cheap credit to prevent bubble Canada … Read More

Canada’s Housing Bubble
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Canada is in a housing bubble. There is no other way to put it. Canada, as a whole, is experiencing a housing craze fed by the Covid-19 pandemic and the demand for more space. Follow that up with rock-bottom interest … Read More

Let’s Talk Backsplash
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The kitchen is the heart of the home. The backsplash, for some homes, becomes a focal point. If you are curious as to where to end your backsplash and where to start, you are not alone? Designing the cabinets and … Read More

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Beginning of 2021 break records The Beginning Of 2021 It comes as no surprise, it’s a buying frenzy in Saskatoon’s Real Estate market. 2021 is seeing some shocking stats and we do not see the market slowing down anytime soon. … Read More